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Read below to discover what clients are saying about The Old Village Chiropractic and what they experienced from being treated by Dr. Marie Ouellette.

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The best part about being a Chiropractor is helping real people heal their bodies so that they can function at their peak. It is a joy and pleasure to relieve you of your pain and discomfort. 

Male, 30's, back/neck pain

I have a patient who is an electrician by trade. He spent years carrying plywood over his shoulders from his work truck to the construction site. He had surgery on his cervical but still had pain because so many back surgeries aren’t successful. It wasn’t something extraneous that could be fixed with surgery; it was a dysfunction that grew as a result of repeating the same motion over and over again. Through Chiropractic, I have corrected it so he can function at his peak. I see the same problem with golfers and tennis players all the time - anything with repeated motions. When something is out of alignment, and you don't correct it, your body will learn to adapt around it. "If the twig is bent, so grows the tree." 

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